Why Raasi Met Pawan Kalyan!

A veteran heroine who enjoyed a star status in Telugu Raasi has surprised all by meeting her co-star Pawan Kalyan recently. Many are wondering about the actual reason of Raasi in meeting PK.

Raasi met Pawan Kalyan
Raasi met Pawan Kalyan

Raasi acted with Pawan Kalyan for the movie Gokulamlo Seetha. This movie became the first hit ever in the career of Pawan Kalyan, and the chemistry between Rashi and Pawan stood as a highlight. After all these years, Rashi went to Pawan’s house to meet him on the occasion of her daughter’s 1st birthday. Rashi told that she went straight away without any appointment, so he waited for him outside his house. As Pawan’s assistant informed the news to Pawan, he immediately responded and received her very cordially. Rashi said that Pawan lost his shyness compared to the past, but he is still humble being a huge star. She declared that she has spent some 30 minutes and spoke about their lives and memories of the past.

Rashi declared that she would never forget the Pawan’s hospitality and wished him all the best. Even though she claims that she met Pawan to take the blessings of him for her daughter’s 1st birthday, others say that she went for the purpose. According to them, she went to ask Pawan to promote her upcoming flick, Lanka.

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