Raaj movie review

Rating: 1.50/5

Critic Rating: (1.50/5)

It is
A below average movie with nothing new or appealing to the viewers.

Respecting the decisions made by their respective families, Raj (Sumanth) and Mythali (Priya Mani) get engaged and start preparations for their arranged marriage. In the mean time, Raj comes across Priya (Vimala Raman) in uncertain situations and they fall in love with each other coming to a conclusion of getting married. Priya goes missing all of a sudden, forcing Raj to get married to Mythali as per the wishes of their parents, being in love with Priya Raj does not feel comfortable about sharing intimacy with Mythali. Raj puts in efforts to forget his love and get close to his wife Mythali, this is when Priya comes back into his life and gets to know that Priya had to leave him only due to some unavoidable circumstances. Mythali unaware of all the happenings misunderstands Raj and his intentions; the rest of the story is all about how will Priya is rescued from her problems and who is finally going to be with Raj for the rest of their life.

What’s slightly entertaining?
Music score by Koti seems okay and also the comedy bits by Ali and Srinivas Reddy seems to be fine, also the action sequences were shot well.

What bores you?
The storyline is similar to all other triangle love stories with nothing new, unique or creative in the plot has been included to entertain the public with. It only gives a feeling that they will have to watch the movie only because they do not want to waste away the money spent on the ticket.

Sumanth suits the role precisely and his hardwork is shown in the stunt sequences, also his on screen chemistry with priyamani and vimala raman equally has been portrayed effectively in the songs.

Priyamani has given a performance which matches all her previous cinemas, though her performance oozes her confidence levels and glamour it can be said that improvements can be done for her acting skills.

Vimala Raman still needs to enhance her prowness in order to settle down in the industry.

The film has been dragged like a daily serial and no positive aspect can be found or said about the movie which will attract the viewers.

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