Raai Lakshmi goes on the offensive!

It was only a few weeks ago that the gorgeous girl Lakshmi Rai emerged in a new avatar after rechristening herself Raai Lakshmi. The actress’s replies to curious folks everywhere about her name changing was that her original name never suited her – it didn’t have quite the pizzazz to match her personality and now that she was doing more action and stylish roles, the transformation was called for.


And it seems Raai’s luck has changed indeed because now she has back to back releases in Tamil coming soon and a big one in Malayalam too, opposite Mammootty, named Rajadhi Raja.

But it is her Tamil releases, specifically Aranmanai, directed by Sundar C, which has caused a bit of grief for the diva.

Rumours began spreading that all of her scenes from the multi star studded flick had been cut out. The film, after all, had a number of other leading ladies in it, they said. The rumours, as they often do, then began growing and mutating to the point that it became the talk of Kollywood – that Raai and Sundar C now shared bad blood.

But name changed or not, our darling starlet is not one to sit silently by and watch gossip mongers wreak havoc with her professional life, so she gave a solid, unambiguous statement to the press clarifying matters.

Rumors are all they are and baseless ones at that she exclaimed.

“I have seen the finished version of the movie and all my scenes are there. There is absolutely no bad blood between Sundar sir and me, and I wish the crew of the movie all the best with its release.” Raai concluded.

Now that leaves little room for any more speculation. It seems this new incarnation of the beloved diva is not one that puts up with any non sense and is willing to step up and take the mic if necessary.

Good for you, Raai!

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