Raabta Review

Rating: 1.5/5

Critic Rating: (1.5/5)

Movie Name Raabta
Movie Cast Sushant Singh Rajput,Kriti Sanon,Jim Sarbh,Varun Sharma
Director Dinesh Vijan
Music Director Pritam, Sachin-Jigar
Production Company Dinesh Vijan,Homi Adajania,Bhushan Kumar
Release Date June 9, 2017

What happens a when a producer wants to become a director. Being a producer, one might be keeping track of what sells well and what doesn’t. However the next step is be wise in re-selling it by having some innovation in whatsoever ways possible. SajidNadiwala was successful in doing that with KICK. Dinesh VijanDespite disagreeing to the allegations that Raabta is a freemake of Magadheera, it ended up being partial free makes of some more movies with least creative changes possible.

Sushanth and Kriti in Raabta
Sushanth and Kriti in Raabta

Yes, Raabta is a hjotchpotch of proven movies and flicks unapologizingly from the extremely popular series – Game Of Thrones, so much that it uses its names too. This is a story of rebirth which we seen umpteen times in Bollywod. But again every hit punarjanam film had something refreshing about it. Shiv (Sushant Singh) is a delhiladka who goes abroad. He is the clichéd women go-getter and projected heroic. He falls in love with Saira(KritiSanon) there. Enter, the villain, the obvious kabaabmeinhaddi. As expected, he is crazy about Saira and now wants her badly. Saira starts feeling a connection with both of these guys. Some past seems flashing in her mind and the story dates back to 800 years ago. There’s an engaged couple and a warrior who comes and sweeps off her feet and the rivalry begins. The whole flashback is in tribal setup. The movie comes back to the present and culminates the ever long love story.

The film no doubt is technically rich. Rich locales, good amount spent in promotions, and so on. However the very content is unoriginal that nothing can actually save the film. The movie indeed is a rip-off from Magadheera, where there is a departed pair and a greedy villain who reappears. The movie happily, picks the tribal setup from Game of Thrones. The makeup and the costumes so belong to it. The flashback is nowhere related to Indian, but some European early ages, but projected as Indian. The costumes and production department seemed to be forced to make it look cool. The climax also reminds us of Titanic.

Raabta Team
Raabta Team

Performances wise, the movie makes a very good actor like Sushant Singh Rajput deliver an awful performance and KritiSanon was no charmer either. The chemistry is looking great offline but on screen, there was no magic. Jim Sarbh was hardy impactful. The movie has Raj Kumar Rao in a cameo with some ridiculous make up and the role given to him is clichéd and uninteresting too.

The only saving parts of the film is its production values and the soundtrack.

The movie is a sound proof that mere money, formulae and star cameos can never save a movie.

All in all, Raabta cannot connect with the audience. You automatically disconnect in between during the long mundane film.

Mr. Dinesh, please keep doing what you are best at, producing movies like Love AajKal, Cocktail and Badlapur.

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