‘Ra.one’ first show for Hrithik!

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan is going to organise the first show of his forthcoming film `Ra.one’ for Hrithik Roshan and his filmmaker father, Rakesh.

"What we have heard is that Hrithik has already seen rushes of the film and he is quite impressed. But Shah Rukh wants to show him the final cut, complete with sound effects and the jazz. In fact, that will be the first screening of the film for his own family," said sources close to SRK.

Shah Rukh recently said that Roshan’s film, ‘Krrish’, was India’s best super-hero film.

"My children love the film and they think that Hrithik is the best super-hero. I too love it and I want him to see my film and give his feedback," `King’ Khan said.

"Rakesh Roshan is the most planned director I have worked with. He plans everything before he starts shooting, which is fabulous. There is no confusion when we are shooting. Hrithik is like him, he likes to plan things before he starts shooting. I want them both to see Ra.One soon. It may help them in planning Krrish 3," Shah Rukh added.(PTI)

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