R..Rajkumar Review

Rating: 2/5

Critic Rating: (2/5)

Probably a year back, Prabhu Deva went to Croma store, Anna Nagar in Chennai and brought a set of 25 DVDs of Telugu commercial hits in the last 10 years. After coming home, he picks all the Ravi Teja ‘s(a Telugu star well known for stalking and action comedy) movies among those DVDs and couriers to Shahid’s home in Mumbai. Both of them give their heart and soul completely in the preparation. While Prabhu Deva is jotting down all the one-liners, punch-dialogues, action sequences that clicked with the audience, Shahid Kapoor is practicing how to stalk the heroine with ‘fultoo’ entertainment.

With all the hard work (yes, of course it’s a herculean task to select and copy the best of the hit concepts that worked well down in the south), the team of R..Rajkumar have arrived!

The final story is like this: Dhartipur is a town ruled by two baddies, Shivraj (Sonu Sood) and Parmar (Ashish Vidyarthi), who are rivals too. Romeo Rajkumar (Shahid Kapoor), a stranger enters Dhartipur and soon becomes a henchman to Shivraj. Meanwhile, Rajkumar falls in love with Chanda (Sonakshi), and keeps stalking her. Chanda keeps appearing sincerely three-and-a-half minutes before every song kicks off. Eventually, she acknowledges his love. What’s the point in having a hunk like Sonu Sood and do nothing. Yes, he also falls in love with Chanda (who happens to be the niece of Parmar). Suddenly Parmar and Shivraj agree to a truce, but on the condition that Chanda should get married to Shivraj. (Yes, a twist badly needed to create the second-half). Rajkumar challenges Shivraj to be a ‘Mard’, and try thwarting his wedding with Chanda. Rest of the movie is how Rajkumar does ‘Maar Maar Maar’ to win the challenge of ‘Pyaar Pyaar Pyaar’.

The first half is a relief. It’s filled with good songs and enjoyable dances. Shahid’s antics are funny. With the entertainment factor working well in the first half, its great fun. The suffering of the audience begins in the second half – highly predictable and too long. You start worrying whether the movie will keep going on and you will miss the fast approaching New Year’s party.

The songs are the life of the film – fun to listen and choreographed very entertainingly. Cinematography is neat. Performances wise, there is nothing new from the cast, except from Shahid who does the ‘mawaali’ role quite convincingly.

Overall, a movie strictly for Shahid Kapoor fans to enjoy his ‘Maar maar maar’ and ‘Pyaar Pyaar Pyaar’. I am afraid, for the general audience it might be ‘Snore Snore Snore’..Zzzzzz

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