A.R. Rahman composed 20 songs in Kaviya Thalaivan!

Apparently, there are over 20 songs in the upcoming Tamil musical period epic Kaviya Thalaiavan dircetd by Vasantha Balan which stars Prithviraj and Siddharth in the lead roles- and they are all the work of none other than the Oscar winner maestro A R Rahman!

Yes, it has been reported that Rahman spent over three months working on and coming up with the music, most of them folk based, for the movie which depicts the life of two stage artists and actors in the golden age of musical dramas and stage plays in early 20th century Tamil Nadu (mostly the 1920s and 30s).


Though it was first rumored that the flick was a biopic of sorts of the two famous artists K B Sundarambal and S G Kittappa, the director later slammed these down and clarified it’s a work of fiction.

kaviya thalaivan 2

The teaser looks in the film show both Prithvi and Siddharth in various gaudy stage getups including one of Prithvi donning female attire for some kind of mythology based play. Vasantha Balan has praised the actor’s work in the movie and this indeed shows the versatility and dedication of the young actor to his craft as he is usually known for his manly looks and dashing onscreen persona. Yes, Prithviraj is definitely on a career trajectory to make his fans proud!

Vedhika, Anaika Soti and Nasser form the rest of the supporting cast. The lyrics to this heavily musically flavored movie’s songs have been penned down by Vaali and Pa Vijay.

The movie itself is slated to release in over 8 languages in India.

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