A R Murugadoss a hit in Pakistan too!

AR Murugadoss is certainly having the best time possible as far as his career goes and the thing is, with him, almost all of it can be attributed to just plain talent and hard work – lady luck doesn’t seem to have much of a role in his movies!

The energetic and enterprising young film maker has made his mark in the landscape of Indian cinema in, relatively, a very short span of time and now he has done it internationally as well – in Pakistan of all places!

AR Murugadoss

Bollywood movies, are of course, a big commodity in Pakistan and ARM’s latest action thriller starring Akshay Kumar and Sonakshi Sinha, Holiday, has made quite the impact on the box office over there with collections from the opening weekend being rounded up to almost Rs 1.76 crores!

Now that’s a statement of mass popularity. ARM has gained a reputation for being a director who has his fingers on the pulse of the popular culture and their preferences, which has been called his ‘pan India appeal’. Guess we can officially rephrase that now…

The busy director/producer is currently busy with his next Tamil venture Kaththi starring Vijay, and he is aiming for a Diwali release according to sources. In any case, he just announced that the first look of the movie along with its theme music comes out on the 22nd of this month.

He has also announced two other exciting projects in the pipeline – a unique action film in Hindi which will star Sonakshi Sinha in the lead and a very exciting Tamil flick which will have none other than Thala Ajith in the lead!

Murugadoss also wants to produce smaller movies starring lesser known or upcoming stars, maybe even newcomers, and he claims he is still ‘learning’ as he is, according to him at least, an inexperienced producer.

At this rate, there will be no end to this talented artist’s achievements in the arena of Indian cinema. Good luck ARM, and keep them coming!

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