Quikr and Olx got more craze with Aagadu


Quikr and Olx websites are coming up with series of ads in India to increase their popularity. These websites got huge popularity yesterday with the series of “Aagadu” posts which appeared on those sites. As per the reports, few people posted “Aagadu” black ticket sales ads in Quikr and Olx.

This turned out to be a good hit for the websites. Entire Andhra Pradesh looked into these sites to see whether it is true or not and this increased the popularity for these websites. Even though, these websites are in news for black tickets, it got good spectators attention. “What will Olx and Quikr do to avoid this kind of negative situations?” turned out to be a point.

It is a noted point that one can sell anything in these sites but there are few restrictions as black tickets selling is not a good and allowable practice in India. “How far will these websites change their legal documents to include ban on this culture of encourage selling black tickets?” is yet to be known.

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