Qualifications For SRK’s Son in law

The Bollywood Baadshah Shahrukh Khan has openly shown his love for his children many times in media. He even provided them whatever they want to have a great life. His recent interview stood as an example of his love for her daughter.

SRK Son in law
SRK Son in law

He has given an interview for Femina magazine a few days back. During his interview, he has revealed the characteristics of his future Son-in-law for her daughter Suhana. He stated that he loves his daughter so much but at the same time he provides necessary freedom for her choices. He said that he has no issues with the person who dates with his daughter if he is ok with following qualities.

He should have a proper and settle job
He should properly understand the meaning of ‘I don’t like you’
He should deal with that fact that SRK will be there wherever Suhana goes
He shouldn’t claim Suhana as his own as she is the princess of SRK’s kingdom.
He gets treated by SRK by the same way he treats Suhana

This interview has robbed the hearts of many of his love of her daughter. His upcoming flick ‘Raees’ will hit the screens on 25th of January.

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