Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2 Review

Rating: 4/5

Critic Rating: (4/5)

Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2 Review: Boys are back with a bang!

Luv Ranjan took all by surprise with his underdog hit Pyaar Ka Punchnama. Now with the second installment, it becomes a promising series to look forward to. The screenplay is apt with a story the current generation would relate to.

The funny and actual take on modern-day relationships will leave you in splits. The dialogues are done well; the boys and the girls have pulled off their said parts with sheer ease. The camaraderie on-screen is great. Those who are in such relationships and can’t find a voice to vent out, Luv Ranjan does it for them.

Star Performances:

Karthik Aryan ruled the first part and even in the second film sparkled more than the rest. The audiences were ardently waiting for his monologue and topping the relatable one already seen in the first film was a tough job. But man, he aced it. In terms of acting he has evolved and the satiric venting out of his relationship blues and everyone else’s truly relatable job was brilliant again.

Omkar Kapoor, the young lad from singing ‘chota bacha jaanke’ has grown up to be a handsome hunk. He has a mature approach and nails his performance.

Sunny on the other hand is great and his dialogue delivery is great. He has the rustic tone and is apt in terms of casting. He is a Sardar, oh wait, ‘adha sardar’ and this paaji has done a good job.

The ladies of the film are retained from the prequel and each has been given an apt role. Nusrat, Sonalli and Ishita are the girlfriends that are easily spotted amidst modern crowds. If one needs to be cajoled, one is money-minded with a twist and another is unsure who she wants to settle with. But they all use their boyfriends in some way or the other.


While many would be deducing comparisons between the two films, they both are in different space and storylines. PKP and PKP2 are tales of urban youth, with so much drama in relationships, that is it very easy for youngsters to imagine them in these characters’ spots.

Luv Ranjan does it again. He has delivered a good product on public demand. Though it took four years for a sequel, it seems worth the wait. All those who loved the previous installments, shall really like this one too. In terms of direction, he has done a great job. The script and the dialogues are great. You will be enjoying the film in both the halves.

The music is good with two party songs in the beginning of the film and couple more blending with the theme of the film.

Watch or not:

Yes! It should be watched. The film basically targets a younger, urban crowd but that doesn’t limit its audience reach. PKP2 is going to have a greater shelf life and commercially too, it shall work out. Some may like it, some may question it, and some may relate with it. So basically it has a good approach which will entertain you. Boys are back with a bang! So ‘yaaro with paros’ do watch it!

Thumbs up: The dialogues, plot, direction, acting, comic timing

Thumbs Down: Public demands more

Yawns: Not really

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