Puri’s ‘Skull’ Message Turns Hot Topic

Tollywood director Puri Jagannath is known for his straight forward attitude.

Just like the heroes in films, Puri lives don’t-care kind of life and never inhibits to convey bold and hard-hitting messages to his followers on social media. One of the recent messages posted by Puri has now become a hot topic.

Puri Skull Message
Puri Skull Message

Puri has recently shared a photo which has the images of several skulls. Below each skull, the names of different castes, religions, social statuses, etc. were mentioned. The striking aspect of the photo is that all the skulls look similar irrespective of their religion, castes etc.

The image conveys the message that all humans are same from inside but people have created differences between themselves to prove to the world who, the better one is, a striking and thoughtful message indeed.

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