Puri Turns Singer and Lyric Writer

Dashing director Puri Jagannadh is gearing up to showcase his singing as well as lyric writing talents alongside his directorial abilities in his upcoming film ‘Ism’.

Puri Singer
Puri Singer

The audio track list of ‘Ism’ was released and the striking part of the album was finding the name of Puri under two songs as a singer and one song as a lyric writer. Puri not only sang the film’s title song but also penned it, the first ever song for him as a lyric writer. The second song he sang in the film was ‘Yey Yey’.

Puri’s first stint as a singer was for Mahesh Babu’s ‘Businessman’. He had then sung a couple of lines for the film’s theme song ‘Bhaag Saale’. His voice was also heard in the ‘Devuda’ song in ‘Temper’. Puri‘s pen power is already proved in the form of razor sharp dialogues. We need to see if he possesses the same vigor in lyric writing.

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