Puri trying hard to set up the career of his son

Director Puri Jagannath is currently focusing on establishing his son Akash Puri as a bankable actor in the Industry. He made a film called Mehbooba with him last year, which ended up as a disaster. Before that, Akash also faced failure with his debut film as hero, Andhra Pori.

Akash Puri in Romantic
Akash Puri in Romantic

This time, Puri didn’t want his son to face another flop. Thus he planned carefully and after hearing a lot of scripts, he okayed the one narrated by one of his associates, Anil Paduri. The film was launched a few days back by Nandamuri Kalyan Ram and the regular shoot is currently underway.

Puri is personally supervising this project, even though he is busy with his own film, Ismart Shankar. The sources claim that he has also decided that from now on, he would be supervising every film that Akash acts in until he settles in as bankable actors in the Telugu film industry.

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