Puri Talks about Sex with Thai Girls

Crazy director Puri Jagannadh, who is known for making Thailand his second home by spending most of the time in the glittering city, has made it clear that he never had sex with a Thai girl.

Puri Jagannadh About Thailand
Puri Jagannadh About Thailand

Bangkok is famous for Thai massages and the liberal sex trade. When asked about his frequent Bangkok trips, Puri set the record straight saying Bangkok continues to fascinate him for other reasons. He added that Thai people always greet all with smiling faces and they are not greedy like Indians.

Puri continued, “I sit on beaches and write for 14-15 hours a day. Because of the positivity there, I generally finish writing scripts in just about 2 weeks. For that matter, I never had Thai massage in 15 years.”

Puri had made these comments during his interview given to promote his upcoming film ‘Ism’, which is slated to hit screens on October 21st.

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