Puri supports Balayya for slapping scenes

It has become like an endless daily soap. Balakrishna slapping fans are making his die-hard fans defenseless. But, director Puri Jagannadh found an illogical way to defend Balayya and his slapping episodes.

Puri supports Balayya
Puri supports Balayya

After listening to his explanation, we felt that he could have rather kept quiet instead of the shameless defense. Coming to the details, speaking during ‘Paisa Vasool’ music launch event, Puri Jagannadh said that unlike other heroes, Balayya needs no bouncers for his security as he can take care of himself.

“As the fans fall on him, he starts beating them. They enjoy his beating and feel happy,” was Puri’s explanation. Adding to this, he said, “Whenever Balayya slaps, it happens only when there is no common sense. Remember, if Balayya slaps any fan in the future, it’s a love story.”

With this entire mindless defense, Puri’s speech would have pleased Balayya but not the humanists who believe in respecting every individual in their own right

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