Puri setting hurdles with his remuneration

Crazy director Puri Jagannath is losing his charm movie by movie. His series of duds are making heroes think twice to work with Puri. In this situation, his stubbornness on his remuneration is completely pushing him out of the league.

Director Puri Jagannadh Remuneration
Director Puri Jagannadh Remuneration

He has scored many hits and blockbusters but he has been waiting for the right success to boost up his career. Even though temper became hit, the credit went to NTR Jr and writer Vakkantham Vamsi. His next flick Ism bombed at box office miserably. With his unique narration, he got the chance to direct Venkatesh and Balayya. But he is demanding high remuneration on par to hero. So the heroes are keeping him far. Moreover, he is asking the producers for high budgets which are more than hero’s market. All the elements are keeping him idle in Tollywood. Or else he would have had a golden chance to work with either Mahesh or Taarak

He is currently busy with the works of his Kannada flick Rogue launching a celebrity brother. He cleverly signed a three-film deal with the producer to keep his bread and butter safe for the coming years. It’s time for this sensational director to wake up and take measures to set his career Back on track. He might one day impress Chiru for Auto Johnny if he works on it.

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