Puri Jagannadh Ready to Change Script For Chiranjeevi’s 150th movie

Ace director Puri Jagannadh ruptures the issue of his and Chiranjeevi’s film being dropped. Puri Jagannadh says that “Chiranjeevi should have told to me that he didn’t like the script. Instead, he announced it in the media.”

Puri Jagannadh about Chiranjeevi 150 movie
Puri Jagannadh about Chiranjeevi 150 movie

Puri Jagannadh, who turned 49, today has recently given an interview to a leading newspaper. In the interview, he spoke a lot about his past and the unpredictable future, some of the highlights of the interview.

With his upcoming film (featuring Varun Tej) coming to an end of its shooting, he was asked about his shooting style and why does he completes his film shootings so fast. To which he replied “I can’t make movies by shooting for two years. I love to work all the time, by so it’s not only me but also people around me will be employed. I only feel tensed when I’m short of work.”

Well known for directing big stars in the Telugu Cinema, Puri Jagannadh says that “It’s been 15 years since I started directing. There have been times when stars will not call you. It’s always good to also work with newcomers and small heroes.”

One of the most sorted out directors in Tollywood Puri has no intentions of directing something like “Baahubali.” “People like me can afford a 100Rs ticket and watch such films, but cannot make such films. I get bored for sitting over a story for two months.”

When asked about his aborted movie with Mega Star Chiranjeevi, he said that “That was a well-prepared script for Chiranjeevi Garu. At the time of narration, he showed no expression. Tense bit me. After the complete narration, he said that he like the first half. He said of meeting him later without giving any feedback or suggestions over the story. Later Chiranjeevi Garu said in an interview that he wasn’t convinced with the second half. If he would have told me the same thing, I would have made necessary corrections and would have re-narrated it to him.”

Puri Jagannadh’s next commitments are mostly with small actors. He is working with Nagababu’s son Varun Tej for an untitled project. Later on “Mahatma” producer CR Manohar’s nephew Ishanth. He is also scripting stories for Mahesh Babu, Allu Arjun and will introduce Karnataka’s Ex-CM son Nikhil Gowda.

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