Puri Jaganath doing huge favor to Charmi?

Puri Jagannadh Charmi

Puri Jaganadh, who went to Bollywood along with Charmi few years back, faced defeat in that industry. Even though Puri Jaganath managed to get back into the Tollywood film industry and build his career once again, Charmi failed to move ahead in the same style.

She lost control on her career and this dropped her chances to get top level offers. Now, Charmi kept all her hopes on the upcoming Puri Jaganath’s directional venture “Jyothi Lakshmi”. She is expecting that this flick will get her back into the track.

As per the information, Charmi invested some amount in this venture production too. Puri Jaganath is stated to have decided to reduce his remuneration to maximum extent to raise the flick further as per commercials. “Will this huge favor from Puri Jaganath help Charmi?” Stay tuned to know the answer.

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