Puri impressed with a film on Delhi Rape

Director Puri Jagannath was one amongst many prime viewers who watched ‘Nirbhaya Bharatam’ – a film made by R Narayana Murthy in a preview theatre. Puri was instantly amazed and floored by the sensitivity of treatment by Murthy on the issue and his efficiency in transcending it to screen. After watching the film and facing the press, the star director claimed he would never be able to make such a great film. “Many ask me to make film with social interest. R Narayana Murthy has been doing that. But I cannot match him. I wish everyone should watch Nirbhaya Bharatam and make it a huge success” he said. Music director M M Keeravani was also all praise for such an attempt. Sources say that the film will be released in a big way to reach to many.

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