Puppies in Paathshaala!

Who would’ve imagined that a one-minute scene with tiny, harmless puppies would require a whole day of hard work?

That’s exactly what happened on the sets of Shahid Kapoor’s ‘Paathshaala’, where a shoot for a 1 minute clip involving small kids and some puppies turned into a picnic of sorts for the cast and crew!

The scene involved a child actor who is playing with some puppies in the school premises, while Shahid and the other kids look on. The crew assembled a few puppies, played with them for a while to get them familiar and even fed them well to get their attention. However, just as everything was ready and the Director all set to take the shot, the puppies would fall asleep, leaving the team in a lurch. After a while, Shahid and the kids would again feed the dogs, play with them to get them into action, and just when they’d be ready for the shot, the puppies would run away, scattering in all directions!

This repeated a couple times, and it finally took a whole long day to get the desired shot. Meanwhile, Shahid and the kids had a field day, playing all the while with the cute puppies.

Talking about the incident, Director Milind Ukey said, “It was a really funny situation we faced that day. We’d never imagined that such a small thing would require so much struggle! But in the end, everyone, especially the kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves and it was all worth it”

Presented by Eros International and Produced by Paperdoll Entertainment, Paathshaala hits theatres on 16th April.


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