Punnami Nagu

Rating: 1.50/5

Critic Rating: (1.50/5)

What it’s all about?


Punnaminagu is one more film about Nagins. Several films have come in the past on this subject and the new film does not offer anything new or novel, either in the story or the presentation. The film ends up as a dud.


The Plot:


The earth faces total destruction from natural calamity as the people have committed untold sins. The chief of Nagalokam, Sarparaju foresees this devastation that will take place in 25 years. So he sends a nagin couple to earth in order to pray and please lord Siva and convince him not to destroy the human race. A evil gang kills one of the Nagin in order to get hold of the jewel on its head. The other nagin escapes but is set out to take revenge.


The other nagin is none other than Mumaith Khan. Nalini is an evil sorceress who wants to get hold of the two ‘Nagamanis’ so that she will get unlimited power to rule the world. She is assisted in this by an evil gang. Mumaith Khan’s father Nialagal Ravi is a police officer and he is killed by th gangsters for trying to check their illegal activities.


Now it is up to Mumaith Khan to not only take revenge on the killers of her father but also halt the evil sorceress Nalini from executing her plans.


The actors:


The film has no big actors except for Mumaith Khan. The film got some good opening only thanks to the image of Mumaith Khan as a sexy actress. She wears a bikini in the film and for most part is seen in revealing outfits. She dances well but is just so, so when it comes to acting. Mumaith also jumps in the air and fights with the gangsters.


Nalini commands more screen presence after Mumaith and she does a convincing job. Rajiv Kanakala, Srinivas Reddy, MS Narayana, Nilagal Ravi and others have very little to do and are seen in what is known as guest roles.


Music is average and the story and screenplay also offer nothing new. The only time the audiences have something to cheer is the remix song ‘Ragulutondi Mogalipodha…’ from the Chiranjeevi hit film Khaidi. Chiranjeevi appears on the screen for a brief moment in the song.


The film is supposed to have some rich high end graphics like ‘Arundathi’ but unfortunately it is not the cse. The only good graphic work is the one in the climax when Mumaith turns into a giant snake and literally swallows Nalini.


The bottom line:


Punnaminagu is a routine formulaic ‘Nagin’ story without any major turns and twists. The weak storyline and the poor screenplay result in a half-baked revenge drama, with a Nagin backdrop. The film is a dud.

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