Punjab residents are quite furious on RGV!

Ram Gopal Varma

Ram Gopal Varma’s comments on Gurmeet Singh turned controversial in Punjab. Majority of the people from Punjab belong to Sikh religion and Gurmeet Singh is a Sikh Guru. Recently, “MSG – Messenger of God” film got released and few actors in this venture faced issues from the public.

RGV tweeted about Gurmeet Singh in controversial way and this raised controversy among Punjab residents. Jasbir Singh took a step forward and filed case on RGV in Ludhiana. As per the reports in the media, a case has been filed on IPC 298 against RGV for hurting the feelings of people.

Previously, RGV faced this kind of situations and he even came out of them. Now, one more such case got added to his list. Few people who were furious on RGV’s Twitter comments are saying that he is having more Police cases than the hits in the recent times.

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