Puli lady praising this skill in Trisha Krishnan

“Puli” lady Nikesha Patel gave compliments to Trisha Krishnan that this beauty is perfect in all angles. She mentioned that she is beautiful, caring and is a very good friends. This “Puli” lady got highly impressed with the acting skills of Trisha Krishnan. She says that Trisha has been on the top in case of giving advises and helping co-stars.

Trisha and Nikesha Patel

Nikesha worked with Trisha for the film “RUM” and as a part of this project, Nikesha got several free advises from Trisha. She mentioned that she learned a lot during her time with Trisha Krishnan. As a junior heroine, getting advises from a senior actress is common but molding herself accordingly is the main challenge.

Looks like, Nikesha passed in the challenge by converting herself according to the trend. She stated that her skills have been improved soon after applying those suggestions. It is really good to see positive attitude in the film industry particularly among the lead actors.

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