Production Executive behaves indecently with actress, gets suspended!

Though the people involved in the incident are yet to be confirmed, sources report that the actress in question is Jyothi Krishna, the young starlet who has been active in Malayalam cinema for some time and the production controller is one Shaji Kavanad, also an active member of the industry.


This is what happened according to the reports rolling in:

Kavanad invited Jyothi into his hotel room at night, on location of the upcoming Jayaram starrer, Sir C P, under pretext of something work related and then went on to make unwanted advances and behave indecently with her. The actress, stunned by this behaviour, left swiftly and unharmed and complained to the Association of Malayalam Movie Artists (AMMA) and an actor, who was a friend of hers, handed over the matter to the Film Employees Federation of Kerala (FEFKA).

FEFKA heard Mr. Kavanad’s side of the story in which he tried to weasel his way out with excuses and claims of being a victim of a personal vendetta of the actress, but soon decided to side with Ms Krishna’s version of events, and instructed the Production Controllers Union to suspend the man for a period of six months – which they did.

This is the second time in a matter of days that such behaviour and scandal has been reported in the Malayalam film world – the last one being the now notorious Facebook chat of the unnamed ‘producer’ with television anchor Nandini Nair, in which he tried to offer her a sum of money and a chance to work in a movie in exchange for sexual favors. Shockingly, he also added that such things were common place in the industry, one had of course assumed simply as a means to persuade Nandini while ‘chatting’.

But now with this new incident, it seems there might be some truth to this after all!

Thankfully, in both cases the young women came out of it not just unscathed but also victorious in their exposing of such shady characters and upholding their dignity and principles above all else.

Cheers to such women in the industry and shame on you guys who try to take advantage of women in all walks of life by whatever slimy means possible!

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