Producers of AD and Yevadu in crisis already

The two big tickets of this year, Attarintiki Daredi and Yevadu have been inadvertently postponed due to political unrest after the announcement of divide in the state. While both the regions are aggressively fighting for Hyderabad, the films that were greatly anticipated by the masses have their producers in trouble even before the release. Both BVSN Prasad and Dil Raju are losing interest money on the loans raised to make the films because of postponing  the two movies. Dil Raju, who holds a strong network with distribution is likely to sort of breathe easy, as compared to Prasad, who will suffer heavy losses because of the delay. While the masses have also quietened down from the fever of Power Star and Ram Charan post his thoofan debacle, it is highly unfortunate for the film makers to go through this loss and turmoil for no fault of their own.

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