Producers Blacklist Arun Kumar Aravind!

Arun Kumar Aravind, the director of 1 by Two, has been blacklisted by the Kerala Film Producers Association! The official decision, in fact, is that no member of the organization would extend any cooperation towards any of his endeavours in the future and if any member chooses to do so, his or her name would be cut from the membership roster.


This rather dramatic step was deemed necessary due to Arun’s own choices and behaviour, according to the producers. Many times, it seems, the young director acted rashly and rudely to producers on his sets. He is also, apparently, incapable of sticking to a schedule when it comes to expenses and filming, costing the producers a lot of money.

Reportedly, the same happened during the production of 1 by Two. Fahad Fazil had originally given the director 35-38 days out of his schedule to complete his part in the film, but it took Arun nearly 80 days to get it done, bringing the cost of production too high and making it difficult for the producers to wind up the shoot.

This action by the Association comes in the wake of the ongoing feud between two other organizations, FEFKA and FEF, that has brought Malayalam cine industry to a standstill.

Though the decision regarding Arun taken by the producers seems justifiable, many times what affects the industry and the fans is nothing more than the resonating clash of over grown hubris that show business in particular loves to foster.

One is left to wonder then – would this kind of callous unionised war of the shot callers be allowed in any other industry which employed the common worker? Guess when big bucks and glamorous visions are involved, unprofitable values like courtesy, respect and maybe even humility goes out the window…

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