Producer S Gopal Reddy’s Son Dies Mysteriously

Senior Producer S Gopal Reddy’s son Bhargav Reddy died in suspicious circumstances. Bhargav Reddy’s dead body was found on the seashore of Vakada beach near Nellore this morning. The police are involved and trying to find out the information related to this sudden death of Bhargav Reddy.

Gopal Reddy Son Died
Gopal Reddy Son Died

S Gopal Reddy is one of the most successful producers of 80’s and 90’s. Mangamma Gari Manavadu, Muddula Mavayya and Muvva Gopaludu etc were made under the banner Bhargav Productions. The producer passed away in 2008. More details regarding the death of Bhargav Reddy son of S Gopal Reddy are to be yet out. Rest In Peace.

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