Producer Kalyan Angry on Nayanthara

“Mayuri” movie that earned a good talk at the box office is running successfully in both Tamil and Telugu. This film is made on a unique backdrop of the thriller genre. Nayanthara is the lead heroine in this film.

Kalyan Angry on Nayanathara
Kalyan Angry on Nayanathara

With the film becoming a hit, producer S.R.Prabhu had conducted a success meet in Chennai last Saturday. Though the whole team was present at the success meet, heroine Nayanthara was absent. The film “Mayuri” saw Nayanthara in an important role as the major part of the story revolves around her. With Nayanthara also being a reason for the film’s success, her absence for the success meet raised few questions.

This isn’t any first time for her of bunking or skipping promotional events of her films. Since 2012, she didn’t attend any of her films promotions.

Though the expected answer from the producer will not be convincing, media persons asked about Nayan’s absence. The well-prepared producer answered swiftly that she is busy in her other film shooting so couldn’t take out time for attending this event blah..blah..blah.

With the answer thrown by the producer, Media wasn’t ready to accept it. When asked the same question to Telugu Producer C. Kalyan, who was also present at the success meet, he raised his voice over Nayanthara’s absence. He alleged that her absence isn’t her fault but purely the producers. If the producer’s take serious actions over heroines who skip such promotional events, they will fear to repeat it. He further added that being absent isn’t small issue; the producers are paying to them even for promotional events at the time of the agreement.

“Mayuri” director Ashwin Saravanan spoke to the media and said that his film has a good story. It would have remained as a good film for its story even if Nayanthara wouldn’t have acted, but wouldn’t have reached to lot number of people without her.

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