Producer denies Kunchacko’s allegations!

It was the day before yesterday that actor Kunchacko Boban filed a case against the producers of the movie Romans, for allegedly not paying him the entire amount due for his work in the movie – an amount of Rs 4.5 lacs to be exact, the cheque for which apparently bounced.


Boban claims he gave notice to the producers to pay up but they refused, leaving him no other choice but to pursue legal recourse.

He admits though that most of the money due came through.

Now, the producers of Romans were Arun Ghosh and Bijoy Chandran. Arun today categorically denied these allegations made by Kunchacko.

He says he is more surprised than anything by this sudden development and adds that this smells like it has some other agenda or shady motivation behind it.
According to him, he paid the actor a cheque for Rs 4.5 lacs before the shooting started and then after filming, paid him the entire Rs 50 lacs due. It was only then that he asked the bank to stop payment since the amount was cleared.

Ghosh also claims he had trouble working with the actor, who he described as ‘unleasant’, during the making of the film, and he only stuck it out with him for the sake of the movie.

Interestingly, Kunchacko too made similar claims after the movie came out. He had said then that he wouldn’t consider working with this particular production house again as the experience had not been entirely pleasant the first time around.

Who’s to be believed here? That remains to be seen and that right there will now be a work for the legal system.

Let’s see who gets caught with their proverbial ‘pants on fire’ in the days to come..

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