Producer Cheated Creative Director

Director Ravi Babu, who justifies the ‘Creative’ Tag’ by making unconventional films, has revealed that he was cheated by a producer.

Director Ravi Babu
Director Ravi Babu

During his recent interview, Ravi Babu said that he was cheated by the producer of his directorial ‘Laddu Babu’. The film starring Allari Naresh and Poorna, had created curiosity before its release owing to Naresh’s obese avatar. However, audiences couldn’t connect to it, and it became one of the biggest disasters.

Ravi Babu said that the producer of ‘Laddu Babu’ paid his remuneration in the form of land instead of cash. After some time, Ravi Babu learned that the land belongs to the government and despite his repeated attempts the producer didn’t bother to compensate him.

Meanwhile, Ravi Babu is ready with his next film, which is based on a piglet.

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