Producer Ajay Krishnan Committed Suicide After watching Avarude Ravukal Preview

Young Malayalam producer Ajay Krishnan (29) has committed suicide after watching the preview of his upcoming film titled “Avarude Ravukal”.

Producer Ajay Krishnan Died
Producer Ajay Krishnan Died

Going into details, Ajay has become a producer for the film ‘Avarude Ravukal’. After the completion of post-production work, two days ago, he has watched the final copy and understood that it will not earn money at box office.

He had reportedly spent Rs 4 Cr on the film and said to his parents that he will lose everything after the release of the film. He was said to have in deep stress with the film turning out to be a cheap product and the pressure from financiers.

Unable to cope up the pressure, he was said to have committed suicide. This is another example of why young people who have only passion but no ground reality should not invest in movies.

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