Priyanka’s Brazilian marriage proposal

Priyanka Chopra had a close encounter of the marriage proposal kind in Rio de Janeiro where she recently finished shooting for the reality show ‘Khatron Ke Khiladi’.

A local hot-blooded well-to-do businessman, apparently quite good looking, insisted on trailing her everywhere with his marriage proposals.

Even while boarding her flight for the 25-hour journey back to Mumbai, Priyanka anxiously looked back to see if the Brazilian suitor would be following her to India.

"Brazilian men turned out to be a little too upfront for me. They don’t waste time in making their moves. This one didn’t ask me out. He asked me to marry him right away. I don’t think I am interested in marrying any foreigners. Only an Indian guy for me, thanks," Priyanka said.

One reason why she got so much male attention from the locals was her Brazilian tan. "I was bronzed, tanned and dressed rather Brazilian. Maybe they mistook me for a local girl," says the actress.

Looking back at the experience of hosting ‘Fear Factor: Khatron Ke Khiladi’ Priyanka said: "I was determined I’d be stern, authoritative and in-charge. Nobody should think I should be soft because I am a woman. At the risk of offending the contestants, I was at my bullying best."

Priyanka regrets not being able to find enough time to spend with the contestants. "There was just time to shoot the stunts. I had just one day off and I decided to de-stress on the beach. I didn’t get any time to shop and bought the famous Brazilian Hawaiian slippers only at the airport."

She got along well with all the contestants but confesses to having developed a soft corner for Manjot Singh. "I nicknamed him Komal Khiladi. And the most heartstopping moment of all the stunts was when Navjot fainted in the freezing water."(IANS)

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