Priyanka Chopra’s Connection with Dating App

Popular actress Priyanka Chopra is very much busy shooting for her Hollywood film now. At the same time, she is very happy in life with her boyfriend Nick Jonas on her side again. In an interesting news, it has been revealed that Priyanka Chopra will invest in the dating app Bumble.

Priyanka Chopra Dating App
Priyanka Chopra Dating App

So far, Bumble is not available in India but the app officials have plans to expand the services to India later this year and they have collaborated with Priyanka Chopra for the same.

Not just acting as an investor, Priyanka Chopra will also be seen as an adviser to the app. Bumble’s motive is to make the women safe using the dating apps in India. The actress is feeling that women are the key to the social transformation and economic growth and hence she is said to have associated with the app.

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