Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas Are Heading for a Divorce?

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas is the most romantic couple in Bollywood. Priyanka dated Nick for some time and decided to get married to him. Their wedding was covered by National and International media. Post their wedding, both Priyanka and Nick settled in the USA. Now, there are rumors that the couple is heading towards divorce.

Priyanka and Nick Jonas Divorce
Priyanka and Nick Jonas Divorce

An English magazine posted the news saying that both are facing disputes regarding the work and the way they are managing it. The magazine posted that Nick is a silent and understanding person who always supported Priyanka. The magazine also wrote that Priyanka is showing domination these days which is becoming a huge problem between the couple.

“Nick did not know certain things in Priyanka before the wedding and he came to know about all of them only now. Nick’s family thought that Priyanka would restrict herself to the family but she is behaving in a weird manner. They might split anytime soon.” reported the magazine.

Neither Nick nor Priyanka or any of their family members responded to this yet.

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