Priyamani’s sensational statement on marriage

Tollywood actress Priyamani gave a sensational statement that on marriage. She stated that she would never choose a person who is already married. It is known that several heroines in Indian film industry married businessmen who are already married and divorced.

Priyamani Marriage

Looks like, Priyamani came across some serious situation and hence she might have taken this decision. Interestingly, Vidya Balan, who is stated to be a relative of Priyamani too married a person who is already married and divorced. With this statement Priyamani shot back at all the heroines who married, divorced people.

Anyways, Priyamani didn’t reveal the exact reason behind this statement. She just left it for the people to guess. “Did Priyamani came to this conclusion seeing Vidya Balan’s personal life?” turned out to be a debate point in the social media sites. Stay tuned to know more.

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