Priyamani Revealed Her Weakness!

Star’s do have weakness or love towards someone or something, after all they too are human. Few love to have their favorite food quite while other’s love to travel and few say that taking selfies is their weakness. Do you want to know the weakness of Priyamani. Have a look at here.

Priyamani's love for Puppies
Priyamani’s love for Puppies

While we don’t know about other star’s weaknesses, but surely got to know the weakness of heroine Priyamani.

This south heroine who is prominent actor in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada is also a recognizable face in Bollywood, thanks to ‘Chennai Express.’

This beauty recently posted a photo of her with a cute small dog. She said in her tweet that puppies are one of her weaknesses.

She, who was staying at a hotel, saw a small puppy in the garbage on the back of the hotel and rushed towards it in her night dress and picked it up from the roadside. Later she clicked a photo along with it and posted in her Twitter account.

This was posted on Twitter by Priyamani:

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