Priyamani Revealed Her Love Secrets and Marriage

Priyamani, who is a well-known heroine in Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam, has recently confirmed that she is planning to marry her Boyfriend- Mustafa Raj next year. These two were also advertised of dating each other, and Mustafa Raj was also predicted as her future husband by the South media. Much to their efforts the, Priyamani opened their relation in public.

Priyamani and Mustafa Raj
Priyamani Lover Mustafa Raj

Speaking to a Daily News Paper, Priyamani revealed that she met Mustafa four years ago in an IPL match. They both became good friends and continued their friendship for a good period.

She also said that it was her who first proposed Mustafa. In a personal chat with him she said that she liked his attitude and good behavior. Mustafa didn’t believe her proposal and treated it as a joke. The very next day when they met she opened herself and spoke her intentions over him. With that, Mustafa became aware that she is serious.

Mustafa too replied positively and accepted her proposal. That’s how their friendship turned into a love-relation. Priyamani further added that the nature that made her fall to Mustafa was his straightforwardness. His sense of humor is good, and he cares for me, she says. He’s always a like minded guy who loves to see me smiling all the time, added Priyamani.

As soon as she made a confirmation with her relation, she approached her father and confessed about Mustafa, who agreed. Later her Mother, Brother, and Sister-in-Law knew about it.

Mustafa’s parents too accepted the proposal, and they are the most humble parents, said Priyamani.

When asked about her marriage, Priyamani said that 2016 will be the year for wedding bells. She also planned for moving to Mumbai and settle there. Films are a choice to her, if directors approach with suitable scripts then she is going to accept the offer, says Priyamani.

Finally, Priyamani is getting married in 2016. Seems like she has Happy Ending to her love story.

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