Priyamani rejects the offer in Aravind Swamy flick

Actress Priyamani has shocked the makers of a Tamil flick by saying No to act along with Aravind Swamy.

Priyamani and Aravind Swamy
Priyamani and Aravind Swamy

Director Selva has been directing a movie in Tamil starring Aravind Swamy as the lead hero. For a role beside hero character, the director has approached Priyamani to accept the role. The actress readily rejected the role stating that her role had no importance in the film. Touted to be a flick with cop element, her role is a subordinate police who is the best friend for Aravind’s character. After multiple talks, the director has approached Veteran Star actress Simran for this role for which she has accepted happily. Now the Tamil Film Industry circles are discussing Priya Mani’s rejection like anything.

Actually, Priyamani has stopped movies in Tamil, Telugu, and Kannada. She is acting only in Malayalam for some exciting roles. She is now living happily in Dubai.

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