Priyamani met with an accident!

Actress Priyamani escaped a major car accident while driving to the shooting sets in a Muthati jungle which is nearly 90 kms away from Bangalore city. She and other crew members were driving to the shooting spot when the mishap happened. Luckily everybody in the car was safe but the car got damaged a little in the sides.

She is presently shooting for a Kannada movie directed by Anna Bond who has selected a deep forest location for the movie shoot. The accident happened on Saturday morning when Priyamani along with other team members were rushing towards the shooting spot.

In this Kannada movie, Priyamani is paired up with Kannada’s top star Puneet Rajkumar where Nidhi Subbaiah too will be on a lead role. Priyamani has already finished her another Kannada movie ‘Vishnuvardhana’ where she will be seen opposite to actor Sudeep. ‘Vishnuvardhana’ will be released this Friday, December 9th 2011.

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