Priyamani bonds with Kannada!

Priyamani might be on a sabbatical from Telugu cinema, but she is making a huge splash in the Kannda film industry. After acting in some big budget films like Raam and Vishnu Vardhana, Priyamani has been signed to play the lead role opposite to Puneet Rajkumar, who is one of the most popular Kannada actors presently.

  Puneet Rajkumar and Priyamani had worked earlier in the movie Raam, which was a run-away hit. Now they are teaming up once again in this film titled "Anna Bond". Nidhi Subbaiah is also playing one of the three lead roles in the film. The film is being directed by Soori and the film was launched recently in Bengaluru. With such big names attached to the project, fans of Puneet and Priyamani will be eagerly waiting for the release of the film.

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