Private armies to fight over Telangana!

The AP Police are ready to face yet another challenge in the wake of dispute over the T-State. Private armies which are being raised to fight over the Telangana have become a major concern for the police in the state. As the deadline for the report on the separate statehood by Sri Krishna Committee approaches, groups termed as ‘senas’ working on pro and anti-Telangana are preparing to get into violence. The Yuva Telangana JAC is already training 10,000 youth to form a sena while the Greater Rayalaseema Sainik Seva Dal formed by T.G. Venkatesh, is planning to induct youth in lakhs. The police prepared for any kind of eventuality but are a little concerned over the groups’ open declaration that there will be war on the streets if the Sri Krishna Committee takes an anti Telangana stand. Director General of Police Mr. K. Aravinda Rao informed that they are ready to crack the whip if there is trouble. He also noted that the police will allow if the senas are limited for words falling in legal framework, they will not accept any kind of militancy from these groups.


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