Prithviraj Wishes His Competition The Best!

Finally, Prithviraj’s 7th Day releases tomorrow, along with Dileep’s Ringmaster and Kunchacko Boban’s Polytechnic. 7th Day, directed by Shyamdhar, is a suspense thriller that is sure to entertain the fans, claims an ecstatic Prithvi who will appear in a very distinct, more mature look as a 42 year old policeman in this unique plot which takes place over a Christmas – New Year 7 day week.

Not worried about the competition, the actor put up this post on behalf of the crew as well.

“Hi all,
Finally, 7th Day hits the screens on the 12th of April. On many different counts, I don’t think there has been another film in my career with which I have been involved at so many different levels like this one. Like I said in my post when we started shoot, it’s an experiment in casting, conception and narration.
A lot of you have asked why isn’t there a trailer for the film. I strongly feel that putting out a minute and a half of footage of any film will inadvertently lead you into constructing your own idea about the film, and I didn’t want that to be the case with 7th Day. This is a film that warrants a watch with no prior design in your minds.

As this journey nears it’s end there are so many people that I need to thank. But most of all, THANK YOU ALL!! No other film of mine has garnered so much interest amongst the online community. For a film that hardly has a known name associated with it, that’s quite something. So cheers guys, to the fantastic support you have shown.

Lastly, I sincerely wish the legend Mammukka and my friend Aashiq, and Dileepettan and Rafikka the very best for Gangster and Ring Master. Indeed, all the very best for Chackochan and Padmakumar too for Pauly Technic. I myself am looking forward to watching the films!

Prithvi & Team 7th Day.”

This Vishu release week sure looks like a big one for Mollywood!

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