Prithviraj to star with Mongolian beauty!

Anil Radhakrishna Menon struck gold with his debut film North 24 Kaatham which got several laurels and was well received by the audience with its unique premise and interesting subject matter. Now he’s following it up with another strong contender in the ‘unique’ category, which is his upcoming flick Sapthamashri Thaskarah. The title obviously means ‘the seven thieves’ and is reported to be a humor oriented film with satirical undertones.


The movie stars Prithviraj and has now another addition to the cast which is the talented and yet unknown Mongolian circus artiste Flower Battsetseg, who Anil chanced upon during a performance she gave in Thalasser!

Apparently, Anil was captivated by her skills and decided to cast her in the project.

Now, seven thieves, an acrobatic circus artiste who doesn’t speak the language and humorous undertone? One is reminded of the hit Hollywood flick Ocean’s Eleven which has a similar setting and there are rumors flying around that the Malayalam one is inspired by the latter. Guess we’ll have to wait and see what Anil’s vision truly is…

And how does the Mongolian beauty intend to function in the plot if she can’t speak the language and surely no one in the cast or the intended storyline can speak Mongolian?

Well, no worries there – the confident director assures us that it will be taken care of and her on screen presence will be complimented by the other stars in the cast which includes incidentally Nedumudi Venu, Nyla Usha, Sreenath Bhasi and others.

Again, if one is harping on comparisons, the Chinese acrobat in the Hollywood movie spoke no English in the plot either. Coincidence? Maybe, maybe not.
Whatever the movie turns out like in the end, we can surely trust the capable and visionary director and the star studded cast not to disappoint.

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