Prithviraj receives INB Live Movie Award!

Prithviraj is rolling on high times right now with his movie 7th Day doing well at the box office and getting positive reviews from the critics. The failure or rather the disappointing performance of Mammootty’s Gangster and Fahad Fazil’s 1 by Two may have helped along the success of the movie with lack of quality competition. Now, Prithviraj has received an award – not for his work in Malayalam – but from Bollywood!

Prithviraj 3

Yes, that’s right – Prithvi had worked with Rani Mukherjee in his Hindi debut Aiyyaa which unfortunately did not fare well; however, he had also worked in the movie Aurangzeb, in which he played a cop from Haryana with some shady qualities and a grey moral mindset. This performance was acclaimed and it is for this that he has won the INB Live Movie Award for the Best Supporting Actor.

A proud day indeed for Malayalis, to have one of our own gain national recognition for playing a role in a Bollywood project, and that too as a Hindi speaker. Big stars like Mohanlal have done major roles in Bollywood but usually they tend to play south Indian characters. There are of course exceptions but certainly not award winning ones.
Prithviraj is currently busy with multiple projects – notable among them of course being Tamaar Padaar, his first full length comedy flick.

So all things considered, we wish Prithviraj Sukumaran congrats and say “Attaboy Prithvi!”

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