Prithviraj to play a thief – twice!

Young superstar Prithviraj has had several memorable police roles in his career, in fact, he has donned the Khaki uniform 16 times in a career of just over a dozen years! Now, it looks like the versatile actor wants a change because though he is set to play a cop in Tamar Padar, he has made it a point to mix it up this time by playing a thief – in two movies no less!


Yes of course, one would be Anil Randhakrishnan Menon’s Sapthamashri Thaskaraha which features quite the ensemble cast; the other flick where Prithvi will be portray a thief is going to be Aashiq Abu’s Valathu Vashathe Kallan (the thief on the right side).

The title is a reference to the biblical tale of the thief who was crucified along with Christ, on his right hand side and was the compassionate and good hearted one. But Aashiq has made it clear that the movie itself has nothing to do with mythology or religion but will be a satire of sorts.

He also said that he is on the lookout for fresh faces for the supporting cast.

The film will launch sometime around August hopefully, according to plans now and if the actor’s schedule cooperates.

Prithviraj is arguably one of the busiest actors in the business with multiple projects going on at the same time. His upcoming flicks right now include Sapthamashri Thaskaraha, Picket 43, Ennu Ninte Moideen, Tamaar Padaar, Kaaviya Thalaiva and Double Barrel (possibly).

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