Prithviraj to be a football player!

Fate or careful design by the clever film makers we do not know, but the World Cup approaches and here’s news that Prithviraj, the young superstar, will be playing a football player on screen! Yes, the movie is titled The Beautiful Game and it has a few other attractions too.


The flick will be directed by Jamesh Kottakkal, who is a fashion photographer and ad film maker making his debut in to the feature film world with his maiden directorial attempt. And so far, the new comer is doing all the right things to get the fans talking.

Curious as to what that means? Well, apart from the huge buzz surrounding Prithvi as a football player the motion picture is to have actual, real life soccer players in the cast as well – players of national and international level!!

This in addition to a yet unrevealed ensemble cast. Ajaykumar is the script writer for this one and the rest of the crew are yet unnamed.

The movie will tell the story of the game of soccer and its colorful history in Malabar with the lead character as the tool for the narrative.

Talk about good strategy! With Prithviraj already building an image of being a very physical actor with his dashing looks and recently buffed up physique, this role will sure turn some heads. Not to mention the actor’s dedicated performance in any role given to him, would be an added advantage here.

Prithviraj is really taking the concept of choosing versatility and uniqueness over a static brand to the extreme these days, and the fans appreciate his effort.

The movie 1983, starring Nivin Pauly, is still running after its 100 day mark to thrilled audiences and maybe now with that and the soccer craze upon us soon, this movie has both timing and talent going for it.

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