Pressure on government in Swetha Basu’s case!

Swetha Basu Prasad’s case is turning a new turn everyday. Few days back, Shwetha revealed that she was left alone by her family members and to earn money she came into this profession. Later on, her family members asked the court to hand over her daughter to them. They stated that they will take good care of her.

Pressure on Govt over Swetha Basu Issue

Court denied their request and now few sources are saying that the pressure is being formed on the government. As per the details, soon after the counselling session, Shwetha Basu Prasad will have interrogation sessions from the Police department. There are chances for the persons behind Shwetha to come on to the screens.

This is stated to be the reason behind the pressure on the government to free Shwetha Basu. As per the reports of the media, few people were trying to bring Shwetha Basu out of this case as soon as possible. Interesting aspects are happening behind the screens.

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