Premalo Padithe Movie Review

Rating: 3.50/5

Critic Rating: (3.50/5)


A teenage girlis admitted into the burns ward and there’s tension all around; the police with their enquiry and the girl’s mom in a fit of despair, loud despair.Taking the mother’s word, the inspector calls in the boy who works on a platform nearby (Venu).

Venu comes in for interrogation and starts telling his story when the inspector questions the injured girl’s (Jyoti) picture in his wallet.The film stays in interrogation narrative except for the last 20 minutes. The other story is that of Aarti, a 12th standard girl and a boy she’s been having trouble with (Nitin).

Tamil cinema

The basic setting seems real, characters straight out of life (kind of over dramatized with the events sometimes though, you know), a visual that only enhances the writing with an editor and the composer carefully tending to the film so that it can take a life of its own.

These are some of the guaranteed comforts with the new Tamil film in town. A moved and hence happy audience is what the talented and humble story teller can achieve. This is what they have always understood better and stood by.


Another thing with the ‘dubbed from Tamil’ flicks, we get to talk about performances and the improvised touch of actors instead of half-heartedly agreeing that our star did better than his previous as we watch the blooper reel, standing and wondering.

The debutant leads do catch the eye and the have held the film intact, but, it is Muthuraman (playing the corrupt cop handling the investigation) that steals the show with whatwas a joy to watch performance.

Also to remember is the cameo by Rani as the empathetic street walker.


The best thing about where we are located (in film terms at least), is that we are neighbours to an industry of artists.

Only thing to complain about is the title, the Telugu title. Running for about 130 minutes, this was a breezy tragedy.


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