Prema Kavali Movie Review

Rating: 2.25/5

Critic Rating: (2.25/5)

It is

A general love story with some songs, romantic and comedy songs of course including fights between the scenes.


Seenu (Aadi) and Prema (Isha Chawla) fall in love with each other while still at college, later on both of them go on separate paths since Seenu moves ahead in life by joining a NCC camp. During Aadi’s time at camp, Prema is blackmailed by an anonymous caller who demands for huge amount of money by threatening her about a picture of Seenu kissing her. After certain time Prema musters her courage and informs her sister-in-law (Sindhu Tolani) about the incident who goes in search of Aadi. The rest of thestory is all about the Aadi finding the person and knowing his original purpose of doing so.

Positive aspects

Being debutants both Aadi and Isha Chawla have perfectly performed their characters as per the story narrated. It is clearly understood that this movie was produced only to lay platform for Aadi to enter the film industry. All other actors like Sindhu Tolani, Shafi and Dev Gill have done their part in the film.

Negative Aspects

There was nothing unique about the method in which story is moving, it is not hard for the audience to guess about what might happen after the present scenario. There was no flaw in the sincere efforts put in by other established actors which was damaged entirely due to the characterization assigned to them.


Predictable romantic movie

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